Grey Cat in a cat bandana, cute grey cat with yellow eyes, Bandanas for cats


Our pet bandanas are not just for your pups. These cute and stylish bandanas can also be an adorable accessory for your four-legged feline friends. Any bandana can be worn by cats in addition to dogs, but these are our 3 favorite summer prints for your feline friends! 

1. Midnight Bloom

Grey cat wearing a bandana, White cat bandana, Midnight Bloom Pet Bandana

The Midnight Bloom pet bandana is a kick-off to our In-Bloom collection–perfect for the summer! This bandana patterned with navy floral blossoms is a great addition to your cat’s wardrobe, especially as we get into these warmer summer days. These delicate flowers will brighten up your cat’s day! The dark blue and crisp white aspects of this design compliment and contrast each other vibrantly matching nicely to any cat, especially those with a darker colored or black fur coat. 

2. Shepherding Sheep


Grey cat with yellow eyes wearing green cat bandana, Shepherding Sheep Pet Bandana

The Shepherding Sheep pet bandana is an adorable pattern of sheep roaming in a forest green pasture. Look closer and you will see a friendly dog or two! Your cat, whether they are a barn cat, farm cat, or house cat, can rock this stylish pattern and become the leader of the flock. Many different types of cats look stunning and stylish in this bandana, especially those with orange or red coat colors. This is starkly complimented by the green tones of this pattern.  

3. Coral & Canary

Grey cat wearing a cat bandana, Coral and Canary, pet bandana
The Coral & Canary pet bandana is a purr-fectly pink pattern with golden yellow canaries playfully placed. Whether your cat enjoys perching on windowsills or lounging belly up on your bed, this print purrs mischief. The soft corally pink, and rich canary yellow pattern contrasts with any beautiful yellow cat eyes. Cats with dark-colored coats will welcome this understated pop of color, while kitties with warm tone coats will be happy to blend and show off their love of birds! 
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