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At Barque & Bau, we are committed to helping animals in need. Each quarter, we donate a portion of the proceeds from all Barque & Bau orders to a specific shelter that is deserving of financial support and is dedicated to helping animals with special needs. Over the next 3 months, the proceeds raised from each order will be donated to Miracle’s Mission. The special pup whose life will be transformed with the donations is Odie. Your order will help pay for Odie’s surgeries and long-term supportive devices, such as braces and/or prosthetics.

Odie, Miracle's Mission, Puppy rescued from streets, Street dog, Dog rescue

Odie is a mixed breed dog that was rescued from Macedonia. He is a one year old puppy that is figuring out life. Miracle’s Mission rescued Odie and found him a loving foster home that he has lived with since February 2022. When Odie was found, he had fractures in both his front legs, resulting in the inability to walk normally or comfortably. It is unknown how his legs were fractured.

Due to his unknown history and the all too common mistreatment of street dogs in third world countries, Odie was anxious and reactive to strangers when he was initially rescued. His foster family has worked with him tirelessly to ensure that he feels safe and comfortable in his surroundings. Victoria, the founder of Miracle’s Mission, tells us that “although Odie is reactive with strangers, with his foster family he is a real baby. He adores any soft toys and toys that he can play tug of war with which he loves to play with both his human and doggy foster family.” Until recently, Odie had been too reactive for veterinarians to attempt any surgeries. However, thanks to the dedication of his foster family and those at Miracle’s Mission, he will be able to have surgery soon. 

Odie relaxing in the sun, Miracle's Mission, Special needs dog rescue, disabled dog, foster dog

Odie’s surgery will depend on the severity of the fractures and deformities that have occurred due to the fractures. Victoria explains “his right front leg will most likely need to be amputated and his left front leg will then need surgery once he recovers from the amputation. He will need his old fracture fixed and he will also need a brace made for him.” Braces and/or prosthetics will ensure that his legs are supported and he can live a pain-free, healthy life!

Odie, Miracle's Mission, Rescue dog, Mixed breed dog, Dog with special needs, Donate to help dogs, Pet Rescue

Watch for more updates on Odie and his progress! You can help support Odie by purchasing any of the Barque & Bau dog bandanas.