Our Mission

The Haus of Bau is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the lives of animals by giving them back their motion via braces and/or prosthetics. A portion of the proceeds from every purchase of a Barque & Bau product is donated to to the Haus of Bau. This money is used to help reduce the cost of custom, off-the-shelf bracing, prosthetics, and pet wheelchairs from Animal Ortho Care as well as to help pay for veterinary healthcare bills. 

Caring for animals with disabilities is expensive and time intensive, something that many rescues and sanctuaries understand all too well. Despite the expenses, these organizations are dedicated to providing the best care for their animals so they may live their best lives possible. At the Haus of Bau, we are dedicated to helping reduce the cost of veterinary healthcare, sometimes to the degree that the rescues won't have to pay a thing. This lifts a huge burden off the rescues and sanctuaries and gets pets in need back in motion! 

How you can help

You can help provide support to these rescues and sanctuaries by purchasing any Barque & Bau product for your own pet. A portion of the proceeds from these purchases is donated toward paying for various mobility products for a wide variety of animals. You can also visit the website of a specific rescue to sanctuary to see how you can help them.
The Haus of Bau supports rescues and sanctuaries that house and protect all species, from the smallest dogs to the largest elephants. These rescues and sanctuaries dedicate all their time and effort to help these animals get back on their feet and settle into a happy, healthy home.

See the Success Stories

Danny - Miracle's Mission

Danny is a mixed-breed pup rescues off the streets of Romania. Without a safe place to call home, Danny became severely injured and broke his spine, causing irreversible nerve damage. Miracle's Mission heard about his story and immediately went to get him off the streets. Danny, just a 7 month old puppy at the time, had high spirits and never let his physical injuries damage his loving and spunky personality.
After some time in rehab, Miracle's Mission decided to try a wheelchair to help Danny improve his mobility and freedom. Animal Ortho Care donated a Haute Wheels Pet Wheelchair to help Danny in his rehabilitation process. Danny took quickly to his new dog wheelchair and showed everyone just how fast he could zoom! Miracle's Mission continues to care for Danny while he re-learns how to use his hind legs. 

Batel - Miracle's Mission

Batel was a stray in Egypt. He was mistreated and neglected which led to his front leg being amputated. Miracle's Mission stepped in to save Batel from further abuse and injury, quickly treating his injuries to prevent further damage to his leg. Despite all he endured, Batel remained trusting of humans.
Miracle's Mission decided to try out a dog prosthetic for Batel, hoping it would give him a new sense of mobility. A cast was taken of Batel's leg and Animal Ortho Care created his first prosthetic. Batel took quickly to the prosthetic, using it to walk around like normal again.
Since then, Batel has had to have his limb amputated further due to unforeseen health issues but is living his best life in his forever home!